Web Design

Website Builders

The interns of the Website Builders department are wholly responsible for the design layout and web content for business sites. They use WordPress 5, the current, most popular and top professional web content management builder on the Internet. All interns work within groups on multiple and concurrent projects (managed using Basecamp). Each group is responsible to meet with the client, establish project requirements, organize a site map of pages and content, build each of the web pages, and present to the client the final result. Lastly they provide training for clients to manage their own website content. In the end, the interns have achievements for their professional e-portfolio and demonstrable workplace skills such as initiative, responsibility, flexibility, time-management, and problem-solving.


  • WordPress
  • Beaver Builder
  • Basecamp


  • iMac Computers
  • Notepad and Pencil


Website Builders Staff


 Matthew Stroop

"The best thing about PELabs is that the interns step up and take full accountability for creating the solution and meeting the client needs. The interns have the talent and the drive, with some focus on professional success tips and constant motivation to overcome obstacles, the work that results is valued by clients and is the highlight of each intern’s professional portfolio. PELabs is a very different experience from a high school class, starting with how the interns are treated differently than as students. In a high school class, students are assigned classwork designed to fill time, take assessments for grades to verify learning, and create work only the teacher will appreciate.  PELabs interns are the same people but raise the level of their maturity by working on real world projects, managing his or her own time, meeting expectations of a team and of the client, responsible for just-in-time learning and solving obstacles, and being compensated for their efforts.  My role changes from leading as an instructor to facilitating as a project manager. All of us find this relationship and purposeful learning much more satisfying.  Each PELabs intern has invested in his or her own wealth creating potential and is richer for the experience."

Website Builders Interns


Armani Sidik

My name is Armani Sidik. I live in Hartford, CT and I am part of the 2021 graduating class of nursing academy at Hartford Public High School. I chose to be an intern at PELabs because I believed that I should expand my knowledge of tech things. I am not the most tech-savvy as you can say so learning these things help me expand my knowledge. My role in PELabs is in the web builders department. I have to make websites that meets the clients demand. I am glad that I have this internship and have this chance to learn.


Evan Wood

My name is Evan Wood. I live in West Hartford, CT and I am currently part of the 2020 graduating class at Pathways Academy of Technology and Design. I chose to be an intern at PELabs over other internship opportunities because I want to develop my personal and technical skills in a real like work environment with different groups of people and learn more about what goes in to creating functional websites for different and diverse clients using WordPress and the plug-in Beaver Builder.


Laila Yost

My name is Laila Yost. I'm from Portland, CT. I will be graduating in the summer of 2020 from Pathways Academy of Technology and Design. After completing a day at PE Labs I decided that this internship would allow me to expand my tech experience and continue to utilize my soft skills. I am now a team member in the Web Builders team at PE Labs, and I hope that my drive to learn and prior experience will allow me to assist others and deliver work above and beyond expectations.


Laxmi Vobbineni

My name is Laxmi Vobbineni. I live in Manchester, CT and I am currently part of the 2022 graduating class at Pathways Academy of Technology and Design. I chose to be an intern at PELabs because I want to have more technical experience. I am part of the Web Builders and hope to improve my understanding of the technology used in creating websites.


Limbani Mwenelupembe-Maosa

My name is Limbani Mwenelupembe-Maosa. I currently reside in New Britain, Connecticut and am a sophomore at Pathways Academy of Technology and Design. I work in the Web Builders department of PELabs because I want to gain more experience in website development software and have experience in workplace professionalism.


Makiydah Berry

My name is Makiydah Berry. I live in Hartford, CT. I attend Pathways Academy of Technology and Design, and I am in the graduating class of 2021. This year at Pathways Entrepreneurial Labs I hope to perfect my WordPress skills and improve my collaboration skills.

Tygel Hamilton

My name is Tygel Hamilton. I live in Hartford, CT and I am in the graduating class of 2021 at Pathways Academy of Technology and Design. I chose to be an intern at PELabs because I wanted to expand my skills in the NAF area to get a better view for what I want to pursue in my future career choices. I think PELabs has a great way of getting you prepared for a future in the technology area of things, along with being professional and getting to understand things you would use as you grow up in the outside world such as time management and and being self directed. I am part of the website builder division and I am hoping to find more in myself through this experience!