Web IT

Information Technology

The interns in the IT department are a team that works on the back-end systems which support the entire program. This involves various different operations like configuring web servers, administering WordPress, and fixing display screens. One of their largest projects for the year is to create a local development environment that the Web Builder team can use to develop their products offline. In order to accomplish this they are working with industry recognized and college-level IT concepts such as Virtual Machines, DHCP, Routing/Switching/Network fundamentals, Computer Hardware/Software upkeep and repair, and much more. They are utilizing many open-source and enterprise grade systems on a day-to-day basis. Interns in IT not only work on technological skills, but also gain soft skills during tasks such as giving presentations. This can be especially challenging as they need to be able to explain IT acronyms and terminology to business partners in a clear and concise manner.


  • PC and Macintosh Computers
  • Cisco Networking Gear
  • Dell PowerEdge Server


  • ProxMox VE
  • PF Sense
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Windows Server


IT Staff


 Matt Shelto

"In my opinion, the best thing about PELabs is the skills that the Interns learn. This is an opportunity to learn things they might have not otherwise. PELabs is different than high school because it provides an experience of learning a more specific skill set that is needed in certain professions, such as Digital Media, IT, Manufacturing, or Web Design."

IT Interns


Eli Caraballo

My name is Eli Caraballo. I live in Hartford, CT and I am currently part of the 2022 graduating class at CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering. I wanted to become an Intern at PELabs to grow my knowledge of web design and IT and how it all works. I'm currently part of the Web IT department and I want to know more on how IT works and what skills are required for IT.


Escarli Ramos-Tineo

My name is Escarli. I live in Hartford, CT and I currently go to Hartford High. The reason I chose to be an intern at PELabs was because of the opportunities they have for us and all the things that you get to learn at PELabs those things can not be leaned that easy. I am very interested in learning more about technology, and have more experience in computer building, and creating many things on it.


Jesus Ortiz

My name is Jesus Ortiz. I now live in Hartford, CT and am currently part of the 2020 graduating class at Highschool Inc. I choose to apart of PELabs to learn new things and meet new people. I am a part of the Pathwayselabs Web IT department.


Jonathan Stroop

My name is Jonathan Stroop. I am currently of the 2021 graduating class at the CREC school Academy of Aerospace and Engineering. I choose to be an intern at PELabs because of its unique computer management experiences, varying from part machining to error resolving. I am currently a part of the IT department, and have previously worked in the Advanced Manufacturing division.

Katelyn Archambault

I am Katelyn Archambault. I live in Vernon, CT. I am apart of the 2022 graduating class at Pathways Academy of Technology and Design. I wanted to be an intern at Pelabs because I wanted to gain an entrepreneurial insight. I am on the Web IT and Digital Media department. I hope to use the skills I am learning in everyday life.


MacCesney Semmelroth

Hello, my name is MacChesney Semmelroth. I am a student at Pathways Academy Of Technology and Design. I am in the graduating class of 2022. I wanted to be an intern here at PElabs originally as a graphic design intern, but decided to join IT because I want to learn more about computers and how they work.