Developing Professionally

Developing professionally has always been a major part of the PELabs experience. Students are taught how to shake hands, dress professionally, and welcome visitors by our staff. But PELabs also has several connections to outside resources to get students ready for the business world.

Behavioral Tendecies

John Birch, founder of the Birch Company showed interns his patented "DISC" behavioral profiles. The test grouped students into one of four behavioral styles that show how they interact with the world around them. Interns had a full day dedicated to learning useful skills like effective communication, calming strategies, and close listening.

Financial Literacy

Teresa Knox (Senior Vice President) from American Eagle Federal Credit Union (AEFCU) gave interns an engaging presentation on modern banking. The session included a short tutorial on how to write a check, and showing web design interns how the new AEFCU site was made from start to finish.

Presentations, Interviews, and Resumes

Ms. Carrion, our Career Learning Coordinator, gave interns several sessions each consisting of about an hour of activities, discussions, and examples of real-world skills in business. This included things like "Looking The Part," writing resumes, answering interview questions, and much more.