Graphic Design

Graphic Design

The graphic design team creates beautiful visual concepts for PELabs. The team has been responsible for the PELabs logo and brand identity, email signature development, product design, and more to come. The team is comprised of five interns or graphic designers in-training, whom are experienced in the Adobe software to meet industry standards. They are challenged with transforming visual experiences into better ones because no great company has every succeeded without great visual content. Whether each intern works collaboratively or independently, they do so with a passion to learn. It is the goal of the graphic design team to guide each intern into leveraging their creative skills on a professional level. Graphic design interns become well-equipped with skills in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.



  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop


  • iMac Computers
  • Pen and Paper
  • Vinyl Cutter


Graphic Design Staff


Izzy Sola

"I believe that learning is best done with experience. PELabs places its interns in direct contact with clients, providing a unique exposure that is on the professional level. Their tasks are more than assignments to each intern. Again, it's experience. PELabs is an internship where individuals are paid. Little time is spent with each intern in actually teaching them new software because they start working on their projects from Day 1. I had my group of interns use Photoshop their first day, without them having much prior knowledge, and I was able to tailor my directions based on their learning styles."

Graphic Design Interns


Adriana Etienne

My name is Adriana Etienne. I live in Hartford, CT and I will be a part of the 2021 graduating class at Pathways Academy of Technology and Design. I chose to be an intern at PELabs because I wanted to further expand my experience in graphic design. To help achieve this, I work in the graphic design department to practice creating designs and handling clients.


Ali Mohammed

My name is Ali Mohammed. I live in Manchester, CT and I am currently part of the 2020 graduating class at the Connecticut International Baccalaureate Academy. I chose to be an intern at PELabs because I see it as an opportunity to learn important technical skills to have in advertising and marketing- a field I wish to be part of in my future. I am part of Graphic Design and hope to improve my understanding of different graphics softwares and their application to general business.


Daiarys Vargas

My name is Daiarys Vargas Velez. I live in Hartford, CT and I'm currently a college freshman of Capital Community College. I chose to be an intern at PELabs because I worked at PELabs during the last summer internship and I wanted to adquire more experience and expand my knowledge in a different department this summer. I am part of the Graphic Design department and I hope to learn new skills that I will be able to use during my lifetime.


Jadyn Harris

My name is Jadyn Harris. I live in Bloomfield, CT and am part of the 2021 graduating class at Pathways Academy of Technology and Design. This is my second year at PELabs. I decided to return as an intern at PELabs because I want to work on my leadership skills. I am a Graphic Design Intern at PELabs and want to build on my graphic design skills.


Takera Bailey

My name is Takera Bailey. I currently reside in Hartford, CT and is apart of the 2021 graduating class of Weaver High School. I decided to to join the PELabs summer internship to expand my knowledge on graphic design and the process it takes to create work in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.