Advanced Manufacturing

The Advanced Manufacturing Department is a place for interns to take their own designs and turn them into tangible items for clients. They will learn to use machines such as the CNC (Computer Numeric Control), laser cutters and 3D printers. After brainstorming and sketching, students use a range of software to bring their ideas to life. Click the link below to learn more

Advanced Manufacturing

Digital Media & Graphic Design

From the internet and beyond, the world today lives on digital media consumption. To meet the demand of constantly changing industry, PELabs digital media interns are offered hands-on experience and training in digital video production, editing, and visual design. The interns collaborate closely with their peers in the Advanced Manufacturing and Web Design teams to provide quality services for our clients. In return, our interns gain valuable skills in marketing, professional conduct, and technological literacy. Click the links below to learn more about Digital Media.

Digital Media
Graphic Design

Website Design

The Web Design department at PELabs works with clients to create and upgrade web sites using WordPress. To upgrade existing websites, students measure completeness and accuracy of web content in relation to competitor websites and ensure clients have a competitive advantage within their industry. Within an accelerated time frame, students conduct one or more client meetings to discover requirements, constraints, and resources. Interns in Web IT then establish web hosting, which is used to create and manage a customer's web content. Finally, the interns build a site from scratch using WordPress.

Web Design
Web IT